I'm Mary!
Thank you for visiting my website!
I hope you've had the chance to look over my portfolio.
Here in my "about me" section, I want to share some of the unique things that make me...well, me.
I'm a wife and mom with the best family in the world! (Not biased at all.)
I love to have fun and laugh. Nothing makes me smile quite like a quick-witted pun!
Other than spending time with my family, most of my free time is consumed with my hobbies of playing video games and eating Chick-fil-A.
Having moved a lot while growing up, I have had the privilege of living all over the U.S. and traveling to many beautiful places. I attribute much of my worldview to this fact.
I firmly believe two things.
- Love conquers all! I try to remember to show love, even when it's hard. In the end I'd rather be known for my love than for any other achievement.
- Effective communication is key. Nearly every situation could be improved with better communication. It is my goal to aid in the improvement of communication in all I do.
Thank you again for stopping by!
♥ Please reach out to me at themerrylark.com@gmail.com with any questions or business interests. ♥

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