I hope you enjoy exploring my website.
Here in my "about me" section, I want to share some of the unique things that make me, well, me.
I'm a wife and mom with the best family in the world! (Not at all biased.)
I love to have fun and laugh. Nothing makes me smile quite like a quick-witted pun!
Other than spending time with my family, I enjoy playing video games, traveling, and may have a slight obsession with Chick-fil-A.
Having moved over 30 times between 10 states, I have had the privilege of living all over the U.S. and seeing many beautiful places. I attribute much of my worldview to the experiences gained from this.
I firmly believe two things.
- Love conquers all! I try to remember to show love, even when it's hard. In the end I'd rather be known for my love than for any other achievement.
- Effective communication is key. Nearly every situation could be improved with better communication. It is the foundation for all productive pursuits.

Thank you for stopping by!

You may contact me at maryklarkins@gmail.com
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