Here are all the nitty-gritty details of my many experiences!
- Work history: Safeway (grocery store), 2007-2011. Worked as a clerk, stocker, coffee barista, baker, and various other departments as needed. | Jason's Deli (restaurant and catering service), 2012-2013. Delivery driver, salad bar setup, and cleaned ice cream machine. | All American Self Storage (mini storage, owned by Sharbo Inc.), 2013-2018. Worked as a live-in manager. Rented storage units and cared for property.
VERY strong background in customer service and retail. Comfortable with Microsoft office suite and Adobe CC programs, and enjoy learning new software.
- Church: Miscellaneous office tasks (printing, mailing, etc...), designing flyers, organizing events, VBS volunteering, menu planning, serving, decorating, run A/V booth, etc.
- Paid side work: Cleaning homes for elderly neighbors. Teaching clarinet and flute lessons. Pet sitting. Photographing properties for an inspection company. Cleaning vacation homes.
- Volunteer work: Staff and supervisor at concerts such as Creation Fest and Winter Jam (working security, traffic, and leading teams). Nursery care at churches. Mission trips (NAMB Sojourner, World Changers, and church planting projects) that included roofing, painting, and work as an office liaison for a church's summer mission project. Cooking for large groups. Volunteered at a local fire station's haunted house multiple times.
- Additional experiences: Have used equipment such as a fork lift, excavator, and wood chipper. Have also done roofing and built a kayak. Familiar with computer based tools such as a cash register and telzon.
- Personal enrichment and current projects: Finished BA in communications, but discovered a love for graphic design in the process. Graphic design self-study and freelance design work for 3+ years. Have run social media community groups for online games, including creating a website for sharing community events.
Fun facts and miscellaneous trivia!
Have lived in 10 states (Alabama, South Dakota, Alaska, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Tennessee, Virginia, and Minnesota), and visited over 40 states.
Built my own kayak
Play flute, clarinet, and saxophone, also enjoy singing
Want to learn piano, guitar,
Japanese, archery, and ax/knife throwing
Saw a live polar bear in the wild
when I lived in Alaska
Was a supervisor at CreationFest
Love to visit national parks and theme parks
Can roll my tongue
Won an essay contest
An only child
Was home schooled K-12 and home school my child
Have been above the Arctic Circle
Made all of my wedding flowers out of duct tape.

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